I purchased this item with a lot of hesitation from the previous reviews.. I have to say, it isn’t nearly as bad as they claim! Although a little tricky to get setup and installed, the tech support provided by Delphi was MORE than helpful.

If you follow the instructions in the book, and on the app word for word, you won’t have an issue. The only reason I had an issue with installing the Key fob part was because I wasn’t following EVERY step. The Tech Support rep walked me through it.

The 4G LTE hotspot IS on LTE, and I have not had any issues getting it on LTE either, It did it all on its own. No sim card replacement needed, it worked fine with what came with it. They didn’t even open the device at the Verizon store, not needed.

For the cost, I am really impressed with what I am getting here. Systems comparable to what Delphi and Verizon are offering on this, is way better than getting something professionally installed. A remote lock/unlock that integrates with cell towers to work anywhere would cost upwards of $400 if not more to be installed, That would not include the GPS Tracking and Vehicle Monitoring offered by this device. The LTE hotspot is a complete different story. I use to pay $50/month for a 5GB Jetpack, now I have added this Delphi to my already 10GB Plan for only $5/month and now I have a built in Wi-Fi Hotspot in my car, No Power cords to run, no batteries to keep charged. Always on, and always ready to go.

Some states offer discounts on your Car Insurance for having a GPS Tracking device installed, so just one more plus to owning this system.


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