Back home again, On Dialup, Again… I hate dialup.  Verizon Lies, They said they would have DSL up here where i live in 6 Months, We are in Month 4 and when i mention it, Noone knows what im talking about, They said they could not for see FIOS in North Carolina within the next 5 Years, And Cable has NO Plans to extend their range.

I am deeply considering ordering a T1 Connection, But just as soon as i do, DSL will come open, I know it!  i just dont know what to do. Someone please sponcer me with t1 lol. ill mow ur lawn! LMAO. I have decided that if 1 DSL gets here, and 2 I get a Webcam or a New Laptop that i will 1. Start my Old stream back on and i will also 2. start back Second Life. so all i need now, Is Internet.

Maybe i should send in to Second Life… Tell them if they want their Valued member back, To Sponcer me with Internet. lol.

I have considered paying the HughesNet Bill, But then i realized, This would only cause problems again, Because their intenret is SLOWER than Dialup…

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