3 thoughts on “Time to Bash Hughes Net!

  1. Emporer Spitteler Reply

    I think the discussion will prove to be interesting. To be honest, I am surprised Hughes Net is still in business because I have never heard someone say that they liked Hughes Net.

  2. Richard Damron Reply

    Yes, “Emporer” this should be interesting. I won’t bore you all with facts and figures but, let it suffice to say that although Hughes touts download speeds in the neighborhood of 1KBPS (for their ProPlus plan) mine now falls somewhere between dial-up and DSL. And this for the bulk of a 24-hour day! I live in the “boonies”, sans cable and DSL, and the only alternative to Hughes seems to be a wireless service by AT&T. I’m investigating. Oh – and typically – when you must speak with customer service it’s a stretch to understand the foreign voice who’s english leaves much, much to be desired. Seems to be the norm, though. If anyone wishes to exchange particulars, I have the numbers available. I AIN”T HAPPY!!!

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