It’s already been a month since I picked up my Rivian, and we are already 2,000 Miles in!

I am glad to say that the Rivian was everything I expected it would be, There were no disappointments this time around (Unlike with my Ford Truck, and even some Tesla issues)

The road wasn’t all smooth, because There was a point in time when Rivian announced a Price Increase that affected current orders as well as new orders. Luckily enough people fought back on that, to where they honored the original pricing.

Also, Unlike Ford there were no features missing from the truck that I had originally ordered. Although Rivian did discontinue their power Tonneau cover, I had already removed that from my order because I didn’t expect to use it anyway.

Issues so Far:
This has to be, by far the smallest issues list I’ve ever made on a 1 month review…
The rear window (or something) is rattling while driving on rough roads.
I plan to take the truck to the Atlanta Service Center when I get a chance to have this checked out.

I was a bit nervous driving it back from Norma, IL to North Carolina. While not really knowing what to expect with the charging network, and all the bad PR around Electrify America. Along the two day trip back, I only found one EA Station that did not work, in Indianapolis. Luckily there were plenty available, and I was able to move and plug in again. Overall that was my longest stop along the whole trip, and it really wasn’t bad at all.

The Rivian is just great, and everything I expected it would be.. But I likely won’t pick it first when traveling, just because of the unreliability of the EA Charging Network. While I may not have had many issues on my first trip using the truck, Many others have(The Verge).

My upcoming Trip in June has earned the spot of being in a Tesla.. But we will see how that changes in the new few years.

While the charging network isn’t there yet, The overall functionality of the truck is awesome. Although Rivian relies heavily on “Mileage remaining” with their navigation, Its pretty accurate. It’s nothing like Tesla’s optimistic mileage remaining. If the Rivian says you have 12 miles remaining, you definitely have 12 miles remaining, maybe even 13.

The whole process from Delivery to ownership has been great, but definitely what I would expect from a company delivering $100k trucks.

We had to do the obligatory “Get in the gear tunnel” photo.

I plan to keep my truck, at least until Rivian releases their Max Pack variation of the truck. At which point I plan to upgrade and trade my current truck..

I however likely will not be purchasing the R1S SUV, mainly because it would be a travel expected vehicle, and until Rivian expands their own charging network, or Tesla opens up their supercharger network to CCS Vehicles.. The R1S will not be ideal for traveling over a Tesla.

So instead, I have ordered a New Tesla Model Y Performance that I will be adding to my fleet as a travel vehicle.

More to come on the rivian, as well as a full 1 month review video that I haven’t yet made.

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