Over the years of dreaming to one day own a Tesla, I’ve heard a lot of stories about how the company has fallen short of expectations. From Panel Gaps to issues that really should have been caught before the car left the factory..
When I decided to take the plunge to get a Tesla in 2021, Nervous was an understatement. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the car in February 2021 without a single issue.

It wasn’t until my 3rd car that i started having ANY issues with Tesla, And that was due to the poor build quality of my Model X.

When i traded my X for a Model 3, That was my first experience with a trade in at Tesla.. I’ve heard of the difference checks taking up to 30 days, so i sort of knew what to expect when i went into it..

At around the 40th day, I began to wonder where my check was..

After contacting Tesla about the issue, They informed me that due to the amount, they would only be able to Wire Transfer the money. This is great, Because a wire transfer is Instant! I was all on board to get this wire started.

I sent over my wire information, and patiently waited. Its now been 5 days, and the payment still hasn’t been issued. Its starting to get ridiculous. Tesla holds $86,000.00 of my money for going on 2 months now, Without getting in any hurry to issue the check.. (or wire transfer at this point)

I’m starting to lose my patience, Because I had floating loans waiting on this money, that now have payments due that I’m barely able to make the payment on, just to keep those loans out of default. Loans that would have otherwise been paid in full if Tesla would have taken the basic steps to just process my check…

I’m not able to find my car on the website anymore, so one could assume they’ve already sold it.. They likely already have the money from the sale that would be a no brainier to issue my check..

This is just another situation of where Tesla needs work.. This is a very simple task, and we just cant seem to get it done.

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