Today’s post is more of a what’s on my mind sort of thing. (That’s basically the whole website, isn’t it?) Anyway, A friend of mine from school is going through a breakup, and there are always two sides to every story.. Luckily I knew both of them from school, so I can see both points of view..

According to her: He was always lazy, Wouldn’t work, wouldn’t help with their kids, wouldn’t do anything but play video games.

According to Him: She cheated on him.

They have gone through years of therapy, and trying to fix their relationship. It was very obvious they weren’t happy together, and it wasn’t working out.. But..

My thing is, if you are committed to someone, you need to be just that. Sure if it’s not working out, you need to leave. Peacefully, preferably..

At the end of the day, a Rocky marriage is still a marriage. If it’s not over, then it isn’t over. Making the choice to cheat on your spouse just because you aren’t happy is never ok in my book. You may think this is ok as a one off, because of the circumstances. But the man she was cheating with was also cheating on his then spouse to be with her..

Why are you so special? Why won’t he cheat on you with the next one? Cheating clearly isn’t below his moral line, as we’ve seen.. You’re a fool if you think it’ll work out.

So I am absolutely of the opinion that if you’ve cheated before, you definitely will again!

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