Ever since AT&T Introduced Plenti as their new rewards program i was excited for new rewards and different ways to earn and redeem ports. After accumulating about 2,000 Points (Which in plenti language is worth about $20.00) I found out fast that trying to redeem those points was a all out nightmare. I visited the AT&T Store in attempt to apply my points toward my bill, but I was told that my PIN was incorrect.. I use the same PIN for everything (I know, its not secure.. Shoot me) and there was no possible way it could be wrong.. But after spending an hour on the phone with someone who can barely speak English.. They issued a PIN reset and was ACTUALLY able to get the points redeemed.

My second attempt at using the points was at Chilis, as they later joined the “Fun” with Plenti. To date I have NEVER been able to redeem points at Chilis.. Theirs always some sort of “error” or my “PIN is incorrect”… You’ll notice a pattern here…

My final attempt at actually redeeming points was again at AT&T considering I had so much success the first time. /sarcasm although it was actually successful in the end..
By the time I had left the store, I had spend 1 1/2 hours on the phone to no avail trying to get a PIN reset once again..

Finally. The death of Plenti is here! AT&T has already dropped them, Chilis is following suit, and Plenti is sending out notices saying to Spend your points before July 10! GOOD LUCK! After several failed attempts, Im going to kiss my current $23 in “rewards” Goodbye to save myself the headache and hassle. Goodbye and Good Riddance!

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