Recently I tested out the HP Instant Ink program on one of the cheapest models of HP printers that support Instant Ink.
My test printer was the HP Envy 5520. Although my main intent to test this printer was to do Photos, I also used it for regular prints as well.
The great part about this program is that HP is offering unlimited ink in order to achieve a set number of allowed prints per month. Admittedly I’ve had the program for 3 months now, and I forgot I even had it about a month ago.. The pages that i did not end up using rolled over on my plan, so now instead of being limited to 300 pages, I now have 600 pages to use in one month.
When printing photos, I typically have to replace the color cartridge every 30-40 Prints.. Which doesn’t say much for the envy. But because HP is so giving on its Ink program, They will sent you up to 2 extra cartridges of each color to have on standby for when you get heavy into printing photos. In fact, I had to replace my color twice in one day, and although I am not completely out, I have one cartridge here already, and another is in transit on its way.

Although I love the program, and think its a wonderful idea, My idea was to see if i could truly save over laser jet. I just purchased the HP Officejet Pro 8720 to replace my main office all in one, and intend to use this printer on the instant ink program to see if it truly can be a office replacement for me. So far, I am loving the automatic Duplexing, and automatic dual sided scanning without any special input needed by me at all. It will be interesting to see if this works out. By far the inkjet printer is a lot faster than a laser printer as well.

Getting Free months with Instant Ink is the best part of the program. Most of their offers can be stacked, So if you buy a new printer, You get 3 months.. If you use my Referral link that’s another free month. And right now their running a promo for a promo code “School1” for 2 more months free. That could get you started with 6 months of free printing just to try the program!

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