In my search to maybe start offering cPanel on my Hosting Website, I came across a special offer with the company Resellers Panel who offered $1/month recurring discount on a package that was advertised as normal price of $30.00.
I signed up, and the hosting seemed pretty good. They advertised it was a SSD Host, but From as far as I could tell the speeds weren’t fast enough to prove that to be true.. After my first month my very first invoice came in for $20, Not $1. I simply opened a support ticket and it was corrected within an hour or so. This same issue happened for 4 months in a row, and on the 4th month they claimed that the promotion I signed up for had ended, and that I did not qualify for the discount any longer..
When you advertise that something is recurring, That means you don’t get to screw your customers over and cancel their promotion whenever you feel like it.

Avoid this company at all costs,. Their support is rude and unhelpful, and blatantly lies to their customers. Now my clients will be left without hosting due to this company’s questionable practices.


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