In this comparison test, I decided to order the same thing from three different vendors in order to test their shipping speeds. Ultimately I didn’t need three of the same product, but I was willing to give the items 1 full business day to ship, In order to see who would ship the fastest, and compare their delivery dates.

To make this test fair. I ordered the same protect and paid (in some cases it was free) for 2 day air shipping.

My three vendors were: Best Buy, Amazon direct, and QVC (a shop at home network)

all three orders were placed around 4am Friday morning, giving ample time for each vendor to get the items in the mail.

The first to ship was Best Buy. Because I am a member of their Elite Plus rewards program, I was able to get this expedited shipping for free. The package was sent UPS Ground, one state away from me.. The package was delivered within the estimated time frame.

Here is where expirament gets a little interesting. I wanted to point out that I ordered one of the same item from each vendor, so that you can understand that this item although may not be a popular item, would determine who keeps their stuff in stock, and who dosent.

The second vendor to ship the item was Amazon, because of Amazon Prime, I was also able to get this 2 day shipping free. More surprisingly though is that Amazon was a day late on shipping, the package was not even picked and prepared until Saturday, making it a day behind shipping schedule. As of writing this it still has not been delivered.

Last and very least QVC. QVC is known for its tv channel, where they market shop from home products on a easy pay, no interest payment plan. I sprung for the easy pay considering I would likely return the item, or end up using it in a few months, and at least with this I was given the option to split those payments up a bit. QVC charged me nearly $30 for their 2 day shipping, and I figured if I were paying this much extra for shipping, I must be getting what I am paying for.. QVC drug their feet and were not able to even prepare the shipment until Monday, 3 business days after the order was placed. And at that point I opted to cancel the order.

These companies offering “free” two day shipping for this comparison, aren’t so bad.

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