I usually like to wait a while after posting my YouTube videos to post up a Written review, so that I can get a full feel for the vehicle, and a few extra days with it that I did not have prior to making the video.. This particular car, I kept for about another week after this review went up, So I did get a good feel for it..

Before I begin the Written part of the review, Here is the Video review if you are interested:


The 2014 Chrysler Town and Country Touring is up there on the list of one of my favorite vehicles so far this year.. Mopar in general really has it going on, and has their company going in the right direction. I really like what they are doing with Chrysler, Dodge, and Ram. (I haven’t driven any other vehicles made by them yet, such as Jeep)
The first thing you have to realize is this IS a Minivan.. That almost turned me off to the vehicle completely, and had it been any other brand minivan I probably would have hated every second of it. We needed this vehicle for a Beach Vacation we had been planning for nearly half a year now, So I had reserved and requested the Chrysler minivan due to my growing love for Chrysler Vehicles.
To background that.. I come from a Ford Family. My entire family drives Ford Vehicles, and all my live I have driven Fords. My first car was a 2000 Ford Taurus, And I still have it. Im not completely away from the Ford line, And if I ever do decide to buy a truck, itll most likely be a Ford F150 over the Ram (Due to known transmission issues). However If its a car that I go toward, the Chrysler 300 cant get in my driveway fast enough..

With that being said, Yes im becoming a huge Chrysler Fan. I was first introduced to Chrysler in 2012 when we rented a Town and Coutnry Touring for a couple of weeks. Comparing this 2014 model to the 2012 they have made a LOT of improvements. The standard uconnect with Satellite radio is probably one of my favorite parts.. The Chrysler was one of very very few vehicles that I have tested this year so far, that allowed me to pair my phone to Bluetooth, and at no matter what volume I decided to play my music it never had one scratch or quality problem (Unlike the ram). The Chrysler also had the best Satellite reception of every vehicle I have driven this year, With the Ram 1500 coming in at a not even close second. This Chrysler model never cut out under bridges, near trees, or even small tunnels. The only time we seen a Satellite reception issue was inside a garage, but that is to be expected. Compared to the ram having minor drops near trees, Minor drops near Bridges, Total drops in Small Tunnels etc.

The rear seat entertainment system in the Chrysler Town and Country was even better, It definitely kept the back seat passengers entertained and not bothering the driver (me) which is a total plus. The only complaint with the system (If i had one) was the size of the screen.. I guess we have all come accustom to 60″ televisions in our Living rooms, so going down to this (Guessing 7″?) was a small challenge. But For a car, What can you expect..

The Town and Country did not drive like a Minivan, surprisingly. This was a huge plus to me, it acted and handled like a large SUV rather than the body roll you may be use to in a Mini Van. This only raises my impression of it, and makes it feel less like a dreaded Minivan.

A Standard Feature in this vehicle is the Rear Backup camera. Although the vehicle does not include a backup sensor (the beeping when you near a obstruction) The camera still made for a very nice feature. Almost forgot how i lived without it while driving this vehicle.

Although the seats were soft and comfortable, as leather should be.. My one complaint with them in general was the seat size.. The first and second row were equipped with Bucket seats, with the second row offering Stow and Go. Both the front and second row seats seemed a little on the small side. Although it didn’t cause any discomfort while riding in the van, It was noticeable that your entire behind was not cradled by the seat.


Overall, If a minivan is what you are looking for, This is definitely a Buy.  I don’t know why you would buy anything else..  Although I wouldn’t personally own one (unless I actually needed a van of course) I give this vehicle a 10/10 for the Van Class. In my personal opinion I have not found another minivan on the market to compete with the level of quality and features this van has to offer.

While driving this van during our 3 week period, I was able to manage 24 MPG average. When the vehicle is only rated at 25 highway, I would say that way better than I expected.

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