To start this review, I will admit that this particular vehicle is one year older than the other vehicles that I have been reviewing. But Honestly I dont think one year should make that much of a difference, So I am going to treat this one the same as the others..

This truck, To sum up the review was a Huge Disappointment.

As I have told you guys before, I am a Ford Person. I have been raised driving only Ford,, and my entire family owns only Ford. I only had this truck for one day, and one day was enough for me to know that I didn’t want ti anymore..

When I punched this trucks VIN number in to It was listed as a XLS.  XLS is one of the lowest models they offer in the F150, But there actually is worse… However on the side of the truck, (as you will see form the video) The badging showed XLT.

This truck featured the new EcoBoost V6, and had 4×4 and that honestly was the only part of this truck I liked.. The new Ecoboost had so much power, I was convinced it was a V8 until I opened the hood.  The amount of power, and the growl the truck had when you stepped on it, It acted nothing like a V6.

This truck also had the biggest rear seat of any truck I have tested this year.. This is a great feature, because the biggest complaint I get from rear seat passangers when i am driving a Ram is the amount of (or lack there of) room in the back. This ford however offered plenty of that.

Now we will end the positives about this truck, because honestly thats the only things I liked about it.. Ill try to shortly summarize everything I didn’t like now..
Sync is a complete failure and disappointment. I cant believe they are still selling this crap system. It STILL dosent work, and they STILL haven’t replaced it..
Although the truck comes standard with a Sirius Button, It does NOT include Satellite Radio.. For a XLT or even XLS a basic feature such as that should have been included standard..
The look and feel of the interior of the truck is outdated, its almost the same as a 2005, Its time for a face lift.. The only thing that has changed between the 2005 and the 2013 is the buttons on the steering wheel, which were changed in 2010.
You will see my explination in the video of how bad the Dimmer Siwtch and Signals work in the vehicle, So i wont go in to the trouble to re explain here.

Overall this particular truck and model gets a 2 out of 10 in the truck Category from me. Its a huge disappointment, and definitely not worth the large price tag Ford puts on it. Hopefully the 2015 will deliver a full face lift as they are promising, and look forward to giving you guys a HONEST review of it.

Enjoy my video of this truck

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