A motto I pretty much live by is Don’t get mad, Get even! And that I do, and have done several times.. In fact, Just yesterday I did twice! Ill save one of them for a later story, but Yesterday a driver ran a stop sign, and almost hit my car (Not my car, my rental 2014 Chevrolet Captiva btw) I blew my horn at them, and stopped in the road where I did NOT have a Stop Sign, and they returned by blowing their horn, So i proceeded to drive in front of them, Flipping them off…

Ok, Maybe thats more Road Rage than thats getting even.. but Anyways..
My goal is to start a segment here on the blog, and maybe sometimes on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/sonofmarvin called Don’t get mad, Get even! And today, Is Episode or Story number one..


I told this story on FaceBook a few days ago, and surprisingly I didn’t get as much flack for it as I thought I would. In fact, I got more people laughing about it than any, and I felt maybe this would be a nice little segment to add to my online content.

As some of you know, I eBay everything. I am selling everything on ebay and always do it to turn a profit, Its sort of what I’ve always done.. Buy low, and sell for relatively lower than retail price, but still somehow turn a profit. Before joining eBay I used Amazon.. Amazon usually tends to sell a higher prices than retail, so you can usually make more than your moneys worth on just about anything… This particular time I was using Amazon I was selling an iPhone, Probably a iPhone 4S because I had just upgraded to the 5. I listed my iPhone on Amazon for around $500 and sold it pretty quickly, and shipped it off to the buyer as I was suppose to do..
Amazon has this Buyer Protection program, Where basically they believe anything the buyer says, and give no cares about the seller.. Its great if you are buying crap products and need a refund, But unfortunately easily abused. Sure enough, The buyer claimed that something was wrong with the phone I had sent them, or maybe they claimed they never got the phone completely (I dont remember) but in either case, The tracking clearly showed delivered, And they even signed for it.. Amazon, with that screw the seller policy, Immediately sided with the buyer, and refunded them straight from my account the $500 and told them not to bother returning the phone.

Loosing money is one thing, but loosing half a grand over something big like an iPhone, Doesn’t float with me.. The next day I listed a Brand new iPhone 5 (as it was the current version out) for $700. It sold the same day, and I transferred the money over to my bank account.. I even purchased a shipping label, so it would appear as if i was sending the phone.. However, Once the money hit my bank, I emptied the account, and closed it. By the time the buyer had complained that he never received his phone, The money was long gone, and Amazon was left with that bill to pay.  I haven’t used Amazon since 🙂

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