Last week, I told you about getting screwed over on Amazon.. Now, I got even with Amazon, but was I going to let the lady just walk with my phone, and my money? No way.. After doing a quick Search on Super pages for her address and name, I found a Home phone number, and that at the same address was some business that she just so happen owned. (maybe its a business of scamming, IDK)

Although i wasn’t going to get a plane ticket and go to her house, I had to think of a easy way to get back at her..

I went to Craigs List, and posted a picture similar to this, With the following Listing:

All thought this isn’t the Actual Picture I used (Its been several years ago.. I cant remember what I used)
The listing read something like this:
2005 Ford Mustang, 30,000 miles! The car is Paid for, Title in hand! I have fallen on hard times and cannot maake my rent payment. First person with $1,000 Can have this car! Call me XXX-XXX-XXXX
My name is: ______

Fill in the blanks with the lady’s personal info.

She must have gotten a LOT of calls, Because she reported the post twice (yes i posted it 2 times) and I ended up being banned from Craigs list lol.

She still never returned the phone, but at least this made me feel a little better 🙂

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