I said recently that i had sent in to win the HP Magic giveaway.  After entering i started looking threw his most recent giveaway, and the past 2 that i came across, that were of BIG items, Such as computers, Were all won by his “Employees’ Or Friends. This kinda made me skeptical about this whole giveaway process. but i figured this new idea of giving away items was a good idea overall, Because it would be most comments wins.. There was no way around that, Unless you bluntly cheated. So i sent in my entry, and received a e-mail saying i needed to resubmit VIA the Website… So i did so. Then he sends me back This Message

God, Matthew… why did you capitalize every word after a comma?!

You have possessive apostrophes where there should be none, as well.


So here is the original letter i sent him, Of course it has minor errors, And you know how i am a Obsessive Capitalize er lol.

How To Call Any Customer Support Center

Calling Customer support can be a hassle. When you call a customer support center for whatever it may be concerning anything from your telephone to your computer. You will 9 times out of 10 get someone who does not speak English very fluently. As frustrating as that is, that is just what we have to deal with. Here are a few handy tips on calling support for whatever your needs are.
1. Almost every company has a automated phone system that will answer your call prior to transferring you to a customer support representative. The best way to start out is to listen to the menu’s, If you are calling for something simple such has to pay your bill, You may be able to do this over the automated system.
1.1. If you are 100% sure that the automated system will not help you whatsoever, you may want to just use a handy shortcut to go directly to customer service. Almost all automated systems have the shortcut 0 to go to customer service. Just simply press 0, (On some Systems you have to press it twice) and you will immediately skip the hassle and be placed in a queue for customer service.
1.2 If you want to pay your bill, or make simple changes to your account that would not normally require a representative, and you hate using the phone system, then doing it online may be your best option. A Lot of people are afraid to put their personal info on their computer because of potential hackers, or threats. Here are a few tips on making sure your as safe as possible to be on a website where you may need to enter personal info:
1.2.1. If you are on a public WiFi or HotSpot and it is a unsecured link, you are probably not in the best of places to log into ANY website, even your e-mail.
1.2.2. Use Mozilla. Mozilla FireFox Web Browser is one of the safest proven browsers to use on a regular basis over any other out there. Mozilla will keep you safe from potential spyware and much more. I would recommend this EVEN if you are not planning to do anything mentioned in this how too.
1.2.3. Make sure the web address begins with HTTPS and not just http. Https is a more secure form of browsing.

2. When calling ANY tech support team, it may come in handy to have your account number Handy, or the serial number of whatever you may be calling about. At some point of the call, you will most likely need this. If you are calling in a part of a warranty claim, you will most likely need a copy or your original receipt of the purchase.

3. It is always important to speak as clearly as possibly. When calling letters and numbers out, try using this: When saying The Model Number is: TTAC321 you should say: The Model number is: T as in Tom, T as in Tom, A as in Apple, C as in Charlie 3 2 1. To make it more clearly for the other end to hear, Most representatives do this already, but when some hear you do it, it gives them the idea to do it, And that makes it easier for the both of you!

4. If you feel the person you are talking to is not giving you correct information, or maybe has not treated you as they should have, you are always more than welcome to ask to speak to their supervisor. Most calls are recorded, and the Supervisor would be able to get something down about how you were treated.

5. Last but not least, it is always important to participate in the customer surveys. This would help the company to hire and fire the correct people for the job. This will also help them to figure out who is doing a better job than everyone else. Ratings matter!

If you have any questions or comments regarding this How To page, Please feel free to comment below! The more comments the better! I will be glad to answer any questions you may have! And as always, Thank you for taking the time to read my How To Guide. Thanks 😀

This How To was written by:
Matthew Ballew
MatthewSerta (On YouTube)
Or www.snoffy.com

I sent this by a Friend, Who is currently in School, And he corrected it to best his knowledge, The above copy is his copy, and Chris Again rejected it. Here was Chris’ Response.

No. You need to run this by someone who can edit.


Now is it rigged? I think So!

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