Technology today has gone far, You go to a Library, or School, and go on the internet, and cretin pages are blocked out, Even MySpace! But i was looking over MySpace today, and i seen all these pages with Pics of peoples Children, Teen Agers, and all that… I myself have close to 400 Pics on mine of my sisters.. Lol.
This point was brought to me earlier, in the conversation of Registered Sex Offenders. We were talking about how they are not allowed to go to Public Places like Parks, Library’s, or even McDonald’s lol. So, My new idea, Why cant we give those people this Limited internet, Because we don’t want them on myspace, or in chat rooms, where a lot of teen agers go… I know all my life i was in Yahoo Chat Rooms… I was never run upon by someone like that, but If we could Limit the offenders internet to no Myspace, no FaceBook, No Chat Rooms, No Pornography sites… Then they would essentially have Online Games, Shopping, Whatever else they could find… but most of it would be blocked… Of course they wouldn’t like that… but Who cares what they like… We could take to extremes. Where they would have to identify their selfs on the internet, And when you post to YouTube you can choose weather or not to allow your videos to be viewed by Sex Offenders… Tell me what you think, because i cant see one reason why to not do this…

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