You may have recently read, about my troubles with Verizon Wireless, and their False Claims. After i was calmed down over the situation, And how they basically pulled a scam on me, I decided to let it go, For now. However this past week, i have been getting this pop up, a LOT recently,

Click on that, Enlarge it, And read it. They are Promoting the EXACT Thing they scammed me on, If this isnt saying, hey we did it once, Why cant we do it again! Then i do not know what is… As long as i have waited on my incident i wouldn’t be able to presue a Lawsuit with it, However i encourage anyone who may have had the same issues to file suit against them. I will look in to my case, however i feel i have prob waited too long. Just letting you know what i have seen the past week or so…

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