Just a small update, On recent things… A little while back Emily started school. Before she started school, we spent a LOT of time to gather.  We were CLOSE! I could literally have a heart attack if something happened to her… But anyways, she started school. As she started school, she began to get mean, lol. Mean like the other kids i presume? lol. She wasn’t the sweet little Emily i knew. She was starting to get mean, and what seemed like our Closeness was drawing apart. I kinda seen it coming, sooner or later, But not exactly this sooner lol, But nevertheless i prepared myself for it… However now that i was prepared to loose the Closeness i had with her, she is starting to get close to me again.. lol. I am glad that we are getting close as we used to be… There’s still a level of where it used to be, and where it is now. But i dont mind… as long as i know my “em” loves me, Im ok 😀 lol. The original intent of this post was to say, Emily went to school, She started to get mean, but its better now, Kinda… Or maybe im just used to it… Dono… Anyways i guess a little of my heart kinda spilled out in to it, and it got a little dramatic lol. But i know what brought that on. We were recently looking threw baby pictures of Emily, Yesterday and more today, About ever baby picture made of her… and I feel sad that i missed out on the first 2 to 3 years of her life, But that was not preventable… I guess i will just to have to learn to Cherish the 3 years i have got to spend with her so far, and the many to come :).

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