UPDATE: Other party has taken the battery, so assume sooner or later i will get a new one, :p

Have Contacted the other party about the Battery, Seems as though he is going to get me a new one, Eventually.

For a while, I have had my Pressure washer on sale, about everywhere, Local papers, Amazon, everywhere, the higest offer i ever received on it was 150.00, Being i paid 270 Plus 40 for a 2 year Warranty, I wouldn’t take it! Well one of my dads friends herd about it, and he also herd i was looking at Fire Radio’s on Ebay, He had a very nice one, and asked me if i wanted to trade? I considered it, and after a while, agreed. The fact that i traded a 270.00 Pressure washer for a 150.00 radio. Seems kinda odd… the radio was over 2 years old, and the pressure washer was only 1 year. however the Washer was of no use to me, and slightly broken, And i do have plans in the near future to join the fire department, So i would have needed a radio. I don’t really know, i feel like i may have mad a bad deal, but i kinda feel like i made a good one. I only bought the pressure Washer to make me happy, to give me something to do… So it was for my Enjoyment, This radio would be for my enjoyment aswell…

I did some research, Radio’s not even HALF as good as this one go for 100, Still havent found this particular model anywhere as far as a current going price… but thats alright…. Only one problem, That makes me feel bad about this deal, The radio was described as perfectly working with an extra battery. However the second battery, Dosent work at all… But i have contacted the “Tradie?” about it, So maybe we will get this sorted out.

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