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I just wanted to send in my best to Microsoft, And thank you guys for all your “Hard Work”. I was introduced to Windows 98 When i was about 9 or 10. I Liked it, However When XP was released, I was amazed, I LOVED XP. XP was my Stable, Full time, Operating System. With hardly any to NO problems, i was impressed. So you could imagine my Extreme Impatient-ness waiting for Vista to be released. When Vista was Released, I went out as soon as i could, and purchased a Brand new 17″ Notebook preloaded with vista. I was excited, It crashed Imminently out of the box. After 16 Days of Crashing and problems i took it back. Only because MICROSOFT made XP Obsolete, I was FORCED to purchase a Similar Laptop with VISTA… Because XP wasn’t even avl any more… as disappointed as i was with vista, and as much as i hated living with it, I accepted it… I could only hope it would get better… But it didn’t… Vista SP1 Changed NOTHING for me…. So i figured i would wait, the next Version to be released, would be the best way to go, So i would just wait, Keep in mind, My Desktop is STILL running XP.

After Deep concideration on “Giving Up on Vista”


I had DEEPLY Considered a Mac, And after looking in to it, and talking to friends who Own Mac’s I decided MAYBE i will try a Mac.

Well I wasn’t giving up hope just yet! I decided i would wait, For the next version, or maybe the next Service Pack. But Unfortunately i also own a Xbox 360, I paid the full $350.00 For it, Today that exact Same X Box is only worth 200, Brand new, Thank you XBOX! Thank you MICROSOFT! I cannot sell this xbox, That is of NO use to me any more, and come out even remotely good. Well today i found out that the Accessory, the Xbox Wifi Part, That i paid $100.00 for, Now has been lowered to $88.00 Brand new, So the value only keeps dropping, I used to have a LOT of Respect for Mr Bill Gates, And Microsoft, i almost looked at him and his company as a Role Model, However this large amount of Disappointment i have encountered these past few years, I am glad to say i have Finally “Give Up” On “Vista” And Microsoft in General. My next Computer will be a 20″ Apple iMac. Goodbye Microsoft,

PS. You Suck!

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  1. Hey no one can beat Microsoft it does it thing right ,up to date they ill doing its product to upgrade for our usage, so Microsoft is only not was
    Sreevysh Corp

  2. Lol microsoft is not up to date. They are like 20 years behind. An 19 some year old mac with only 2mb of ram boot faster then an intel dual core laptop. Also They Shipped vista knowing it was broken.

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