Ive been thinking of investing in to stocks. I had it do a calculation, On my favorite company, Apple Inc. If i had invested the $1,000 that i had lying around doing nothing… It would be worth well over $2600.00 Today, So im considering investing in to apple here before they release their iPhone 2.0, This why when the sales come on, Ill make money off my investment. I have never invested in anything, and was too afraid to sign up for a stock account because it asked my SSN and all that personal info, and i don’t feel comfortable handing that out to a company that i don’t know enough to trust with that much info… So i guess what im asking my readers, What is the best place, and the most trustworthy place? Give me links, Im interested in investing in Apple INC, ASAP, Because im sure it will be a worth while investment. Let me know where to go, and who to trust. Thx

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