Im bored, I have NOTHING to post on… So im just posting for no reason. Anyways, Have a ball game to go to today, And Emp is getting an iPhone tomorrow, and i will be moving in less than 2 weeks, So until something happens i have NOTHING to post on… Epic Failure…

Apparently Chris Pirillo was pouting last night, About something went wrong with web designing, I mean i felt for him in some case, but srsly Grow up man! He was setting there pouting, he didn’t even make any videos, I fell asleep to his whining!  SO anyways, Thats all i have to say. lol.

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  1. Ok. Sonof it seems that you are getting so good at failure, you can even set up Chris Pirillo for failure! Well sorry for your boring life. Anyways, Ill be back to check on your blog later.

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