Maybe not cancer… But SOMETHING. Ok heres my story, I wore my iPhone headphones alll day, Mostly the right ear, Sometimes the left, Its well in to 4 AM and i was still wearing them, all at once my right ear started hurting, And i removed my headphones. It still hurt for a while, But When i cleaned my ears, There was so much ear wax in my right ear, I have noticed in the past while wearing Headphones it draws all the wax out of the ear. So What could this be? Its it Dangerous? I have to wear earphones all the time, Otherwise everyone can hear my conversations, and For the most part, They aren’t decent. lol. I use the iPhone headset for the phone, the ipod features on the phone, as well as my laptop. So their being used at all times… So not sure if its just me, Or if maybe its dangerous…

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