Before I bought my iPhone i had NO plans on Jail breaking it, And when i got it, I couldn’t activate it without paying a $20.00 Transfer phone fee, And adding $20.00 to my Monthly Bill for Internet access! And i wasn’t ready to do that. So i found if i Jailbroke it and Unlocked it at the same time, I bypassed all that, I am using my iPhone with NO Edge Services, Wich i am not ready for yet, And when i DO decide to upgrade, I will get the Edge for only $15.00, Now i have herd that this is for the Mobile Internet, Not the EDGE, But even though, Ill just have them up me to EDGE when i do decide to upgrade, Thats when ill let them know i have a iPhone and then, Prob wont have the Transfer fee, Being its already active :p Outsmart the Smart! So Why not, Ill make a guide how EASY it is!

So you want to know hot to hack the iPhone? Its Easy! First you will need to go to and download the proper version of ziPhone, on your Inital Startup with your iPhone you will be asked to plug it in to iTunes, First you will need to Go ahead and insert your new Sim Card, Now Boot Up The i Phone and let it start iTunes, Now, Hold the Home key and Power Key until it restarts and i Tunes says the phone is in recovery Mode.
Now Press Ctl + Alt + Del. and End the task that says iTunes Helper or something of that sort, Now close iTunes, Leave the iPhone Plugged in, Open the ziPhone Program, and click Do It All! Let it do its work, About 5 Min later, Check your Phone, It should be ready to go from that point! That easy! you MAY have to download a anysim hack on the installer program, But i don’t think so, Keep in mind i used a ATT Sim, So i didn’t need it! Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, Thanks.

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