yes, Verizon Wireless and their bull… I baught the Verizon Wireless Air Card i talked about, And in order to get that i had to put up 125.0 upfront to get it! Now their not sending my money back, Its been well over 2 months, Going on 3, And today they told me it would take another 4-6 weeks for the refund to be sent, How F*****G Hard is it to print a D@mn Check and Mail it! im getting very upset with them! and threatning to report them to the Better Business Buro!

I also found out they do not allow direct IMing to a Phone form a e-mail address any more, Where as any other company does.. Such as dosent work any more. AND they Do Not Support their users having a iPhone they want them to buy the voyager, What ass holes, There getting the monthly fees, what more could they want, a Fing Blood sample?

To Recap, Dont get Verizon, Ive tried every company out there almost, I love Sprint, and AT&T So go with one of them, and Screw Verizon.

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    iphone uses att, not verizon, by the way.

  2. 0101010100?? Yes i know iPhone uses ATT I have one… But i have Any Sim where i can go to any network with my phone, And verizon DOES have sim Cards, They refuse to program one for the iPhone,

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