My local Radio Station 93.3FM has a Morning show between 5AM – 10AM, They call them selves the Rise Guys. I am a big fan of the show, And they have recently released 4 Greatest Hits CD’s Of their Phone Scms and all. Its funny, However they released ANOTHER 5th Version called FUHR, (F#$% You Human Recources) and it is $15.00, I recently Bought this CD, and dont get me wrong the Calls on this CD are funny, However i do not feel that its worth $15.00, Maybe $10.00 Or less… Anyways, If you want it, My Reccomendation is download it off a P2P Network, It WAS NOT listed on it, But now that it is in my Shared Folder it is open to all P2P Networsk (Hint) So, Thanks for reading!

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