My Step mom, Currently has 3 Homes, and Desperately needs to sell 2, They are listed at I am trying my best to help her out as best i can. If you would like to live near, but not “too near” the Interstate 95 corridor. 1.5 hrs to Raleigh, NC; 1.75 hrs to Myrtle Beach, SC; 2.5 hrs to Charlotte, NC; 5.5 hrs to DC; 6.5 hrs to Atlanta; 8.5 hrs to Orlando In St Pauls, NC then look here. Because we have 2 Homes IN THAT AIREA!

The First home is a REALLY nice 2 story home, Built in 2005, It comes with a complete Finished Upstairs, 5 Total Bedrooms, 2 Total baths, One game room, with Pool Table, (Valued at $5,000 Alone) This Exelent home can be located at 

The second is a Slightly Older Home, But in a much more secluded airea, With a Swimming Pool! And 2 Acres of land. the asking price on this home is well under $60,000 and can be located at:

Please take a look, and feel free to contact me or the realtor for more info! Tell them Matthew sent you!

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