When the Apple I Phone was first Released, Me along with Chris Pirillo, Didnt think it was really all that, And we had no plans on getting one. As you may know Chrises Wife bought him one, But at that point, I still wasnt convinced. And even if i WANTED one i couldnt get one threw AT&T, Because i had already been denied credit once before.

After alot of thought, I have decided, I would not mind having a Apple I Phone, And now that i have decieded i would actually spend that much, and that i CAN spend that much, I am ready. Only one problem. Yea… The AT&T Problem.

As if my dreams had been answered, (Recently Blogged on) I got a new phone with my dad at AT&T. But I dont have the moeny now, To get a Apple I Phone, and within a few months when i do get the money, I will be locked in tot his contract, and i will not be able to upgrade for noly 399.99. So now i do not knwo how i will manage to upgrade now. Any suddgestions please comient.

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