Normally, On a weekly Basis, I will be enjoying a company in wich i have recieved someting from them. Normally I have to buy whatever it is i recieve, But Either way, If i like it, i will most likely post a Blog Post, and add a link to the Left going to their site. And for the most part, I am doing this for free! This week or so, It is AT&T, Because i am getting a Phone threw them, And it is at a very nicely Discounted Rate Courtsey of my dad. But anyways, If i enjoy something like this, Ill post a blog about them, And add their link, Like i said… Anyways, I just wanted to mention this because: I Have NO Sponcers, I am paid Nothing to advertise for thease companys, I just do it. Alot of people are like, Well if their not paying then im not supporting… Well As long as i am enjoying my service with them, Then all is well.

With the Whole HughsNet thing, If i dont like it, (Wich i dont) Im going to say something, But if they were to offer me a certin abount of money, to not talk bad about them, i prob would take it.

This being said, If i were to be sponcered by someone, Anyone…. I would put your link on my Blog’s And website, Telling about you sponcering me, For as long as you sponcered…     That Being said, Im looking to score a Mobile Broadband Card For my Laptop… LOL. I knwo UStream.TV Sponcered Chris Pirillo one just because he was taking a trip, So if i could get someone to sponcer me with one for say… The Snow season? or something? lol. Thatd be neat, So yea. Hit me up if ur interested.

Im not only looking for that. If you have anything youd like to offer, to get your name in lights, Send it along, my shipping and contact info can be found at my website,

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