With Greatness, and Athority Comes Haters. I know i get Quite a few Visitors to my blog on a regular basis, And so do i on YouTube, Peaking Well Over 7,000 Video Views, Im getting somewhere.

But About YouTube, When i get a hate comient, I just remove it, I dont want to deal with it, and theres no point in some ass hat’s comient on my stuff. Yersterady i had One guy leave 5 Different Comients hating on me. I removed them all and moved on… Today all the videos he left one on, And i had removed it, he had then rated all of them 1 star. This pisses me off, I dont want to have to disable Ratings, But if thease haters dont stop… This is the 3rd one so far! I also have a few on my Blog (this one) as well as my Snoff Report,  So post a comient, if you have any suddgestions on what i should do…

YouTube: www.youtube.com/matthewserta

Snoff Report: www.sonofmarvin.wordpress.com

And this Personal blog is www.snoff.wordpress.com

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