Ok so i have some VERY USEFULL Information that may help alot of ppl… I havent yet confirmed it yet… But i beleave its true, So heres whats up.

I have been talking to may ppl who have HughesNet, and they say that they do ALOT of traffic daily, and have yet to be limited for going over their limits, However I cant seem to Not go over it, As annoying as this is, It is also a Rip Off, And due to me getting limited 7 days out of the month of November, I DID NOT pay my December Bill on my itnernet, Im sure this will make them mad, and they will eventually turn me off. However, Guess what i found…

Yesterday, I noticed a program called HughesNet Monitor running in the background of my computer, This very program was accessing the internet for some reason, I Put two and two togather, and in conclusion, I beleave they had installed a monitor on my computer, and was tracking what i looked at with that, Needless to say i have removed it, And today im going to use the hell out of my intenret, and we will see how it goes, If i get limited then bad, if not then We know they have ILLEGAL tracer bugs planted in their software, So stay tuned.

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