Recently noticed a post on facebook with the cover picture of this post, and the original poster had cited that picture as the “Covid Hotspots”

Seeing how this post looked awfully similar to the 2020 election results, i decided to do a reverse image search. In fact it was something similar

Thinking perhaps the poster had just been misinformed, I reached out with a comment and showing the original source of the photo so they would be well informed. To my surprise they basically told me they knew what the photo was from and that it was the “same difference”

My only response to this could be wow.. it never really occurred to me how much of a big deal Fake News really is, the blind sheep commenting on the photo were oblivious to this blatant purposeful misguidance from the left.

After admitting the purposeful false news, she removed my comment pointing out that it was false, and continued her troll charade. Reporting to Facebook for false news as usual “Does not go against our community standards” oh right, only facts that make the left look bad are removed.. forgot..

Facebook is really becoming a joke..

I post this here, because I Invite anyone to try to censor me.. this site is owned, operated, and hosted by myself. Protected by the first amendment guaranteed by the second. Come at me

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