Today I had the opportunity to rent a Chevrolet Tahoe, because my car is currently in the shop. I had originally reserved a Ford Explorer or Similar and i guess because everyone is afraid to travel now (Coronavirus), the rates for rental cars have dropped like crazy. It ended up costing me only $20 more for the entire week to upgrade to a Tahoe.

When they said Tahoe, I guess i was remembering the good old days when i used to drive an Escalade, and I was excited. I went ahead and took the upgrade and drove off in it. For the most part it was a decent vehicle, But it definitely was no Escalade..

My first and foremost issue is WHY. ARE. WE. STILL. USING. KEYS?!?

I just can not understand why companies like GM are still offering cars with the old manual key you have to actually put in and turn, especially on a Brand New Vehicle.. All while offering the Cadillac line under the same exact brand and having not one single vehicle with a manual key.. If you’re going to do something, why not do it right?

Trying to remain unbiased about the whole “old school” of this vehicle i drove on, and decided to give this one a fair shot. The second issue, Which I’ve complained about in Ford before is the lack of good, usable Headlights.. As i drove in to a parking Garage i noticed that it was Halogen headlights.. Thats just a personal turn off.

Driving the vehicle felt like it was super heavy, which even when driving a huge Escalade i never got that feeling. It caught me by surprise how when I put the petal down, it wouldn’t pick up and take off, And stopping felt like i had 10 tons pushing me..

Anyway.. Without ranting on and on, its needless to say I am STILL not a fan of the Chevrolet Tahoe. The concept is nice, the idea is there, and the overall exterior design is nice.. But there are just too many things that NEED desperately to be updated that still have not.. The only way I can try to describe it is if I were the owner of a company, Why would i even offer a inferior product if i also offered a superior product.. I wouldn’t be happy of my own work and therefor wouldn’t feel right about trying to push it on anyone.

So After only about 5 hours, I traded the vehicle on a different rental… I had the opportunity to swap for a Range Rover Discovery, which I ALMOST DID, but the cost would have been $70 more, and I just wasn’t entirely sold on the Range Rover idea… I’m sure there is always next time though.

I’ll work on a review of the replacement at a later date.

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