Probably nowhere near as badass as last months posts.. But Sometimes getting even dosent mean that you have to break or bend the rules to work for you.. Many companies have managers who actually care about an issue you have had, and will work with you as much as possible. To name a few theirs Outback Steak House, BestBuy and Especially Sirius XM.

In Fact, If you have an issue at Outback Steak house (or even if you don’t) you can almost always get a gift card for complaining. Dont complain if you didn’t really have an issue though, I cant stand fake complainers.

A couple of months ago, I was in the market for a new Color Laser printer.. I had done some comparing and looking around at the many different places, and decided on a nearly $500 HP Laserjet.. When i buy something big, I usually spring for the Overnight shipping because I cant wait to get it and try it out. So I ordered the Printer from Best Buy, because I usually use them for all of my electronic purchases. The printer shipped out the same day, But I couldn’t help but notice that on the shipping they had sent it IPS Ground, And I paid for Overnight..
I called to complain, and lucidly I was paired with a manager who actually cared.. They sent me a $20 Gift Card for the trouble, and I ended up returning the printer. I returned the printer for the fact that HP loves to false advertise Duplex Printing and Duplex Scanning on all their products, When most of them don’t in fact support it.  I found that a lot of the competition for Color Laser business style printers also dont offer it even though they claim they do.. The $400 Brother I replaced it with also ended up not having it, But the Brother was much nicer in many different aspects, and it was cheaper than the HP, so I ended up sticking with Brother.

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