Although I was not going to do ANOTHER ram review this year, I noticed a lot of differences in this truck compared to the big Horn.

Before I start, Enjoy this video I made on YouTube

This truck was the 4×2 model, which made it lower to the ground. After driving a Big horn edition with big 20″ (maybe bigger) rims it was a disappointment. However this truck being a lower end model SLT it was NOT lacking in features like the Ford I reviewed last week.. This was a huge plus to me!

Satellite radio in this truck operated exactly the same as the Big horn truck, Still went out near trees, but for the most part worked well. The bluetooth in this truck, Like the Big Horn didn’t work very well. At times it would not connect to my phone, and when i tried to stream music to the truck over Bluetooth it sounded bad, and wasn’t my choice of listening to music.

The main point of this review is mainly to compare the Big horn to the SLT, As I already have reviewed and enjoyed the Ram 1500 in general..  This truck either had more power than the Big horn, or just weighed less.. It seemed to have a much greater pickup when accelerating, and was very very easy to cause the back tires to spin. This truck did feature the same engine as the big horn the 5.7l V8 Hemi.

Although I don’t feel it would be fair to rate the Ram 1500 SLT based on this truck alone, Because this truck does not define the Ram Brand.. So combined this truck with the Big horn, I still give the Ram 1500 a 8/10 in the Truck Class. Although there are better out there, and the Ram does have a history of having Transmission Problems, I still might consider buying one, considering the amount of features offered for the price.. To get comparable features out of Ford would be 10-20 thousand dollars more.

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