Before I get started, Enjoy my YouTube video of this vehicle before reading the review.


As of writing this review, I have driven this car for nearly a week, and It is still setting in my yard.. I have not yet however made a YouTube video of it.. However by the time this post is live, it will be made and linked to this post above..

First Impressions of the vehicle are very low. I was expecting more from Chevrolet for a 2014 model.. I rented a 2012 Chevrolet Impala LTZ 2 years ago, and I was overall fairly impressed with that vehicle, However in two years time it doesn’t seem like much has changed..

The outside look of the Chevrolet Captiva is definitely not the most appealing vehicle on the road, in my opinion.  I prefer cars that make a bold statement with their front look, and the captiva looks like something that the design team ran out of time on and just slapped it together.
A stock photo of what the 2014 Captiva looks like:

What the 2014 Chevrolet Captiva SHOULD look like. (This is the Europe version)


Aside from Looks, The vehicle in my opinion compares to Ford’s Escape. Im not a HUGE fan of the escape, especially considering the redesign in 2013. The Captiva to me is the Chevrolet version of the Escape exactly..

Keep in mind, My test vehicle was the LTZ model, and was the highest end package offered in this model vehicle.. This means it came standard with leather seats, and Remote start juts to name a few.. Although I did greatly enjoy the remote start, The leather seats came off as cheap to me.. The leather was hard, and not very comfortable. The inside of the vehicle uses the same old radio center stack as the 2012 models (I am not aware of when this design was introduced to Chevrolet Vehicles, The oldest Chevrolet I have ever driven is a 2012) I just expected a better overall design for this vehicle from the outside to the inside. The design team must have taken the entire month off while this car was being made.

The backseats do not have a lot of room to offer, However the cargo area in the very back had a LOT to offer.. This made no sense to me as it seemed they sacrificed passenger room for cargo room. It could have been evened out better. Although this vehicle did feature a Remote start, and Remote Lock/unlock on the key less entry button, it did not have a rear hatch release.. In fact, The rear hatch was harder than acceptable to open, and that’s for me.. Definitely not a car I could see a smaller woman using. Ironically my sister called it a “Girl Car” when she seen me in it for the week that I had it..

The vehicle supports a 4 Cylinder engine, and although the gas millage is as expected for a 4 Cylinder, The power output is extremely poor. The car has absolutely no get up and go.. Without completely flooring it, you are getting left at the red light with others accelerating normally.. I’d hate to see someone challenge this car at the light< it would be almost as if you never went.

For the Small SUV Class, This car gets a Firm 4/10. The Design, Look, and feel of the vehicle overall seems like something that was poorly thought through, and could have been done a lot better.  Although I give the Captiva Overall a 4/10 I give the LTZ model specifically a 1/10 . The price point for these vehicles, and cheap plastics that Chevrolet are still using in their higher end (Or suppose to be) vehicles, is completely unacceptable.

Sometimes I like to give my vehicles a Lease it, buy it, or rent it rating. I would forget this car completely. Its not even worth renting.


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