In the first story, I said that I had gotten even just yesterday.. Today we will tell that story..


About 6 Months ago.. I purchased a nice Broyhill Executive Chair from WalMart.. It was $140.00.  I usually try to find the nicest things out, So maybe they’ll last a little longer. So I purchased this executive chair with confidence that Broyhill is a well known name brand, and that I should have no issues.. The chair claims to come with a 1 Year warranty so I figured it would be backed by a good name..

Sure enough, About 6 months in, the chair breaks. Although it wasn’t completely broken in two, The part that holds the seat on the wheel base had broken loose and allowed the chair to lean in about a 45 degree angle in any direction. Thinking I was only halfway in to my warranty, I contacted Broyhill. The first question is always, Do you have the receipt.. Of course I don’t still have the receipt.. They told me that there was nothing they could do, and to contact WalMart.. Walmart cant look back that far for a receipt, so i was pretty much stuck with this broken chair, that the company who made it wouldn’t stand behind..

I went to Walmart about a week before, and purchased this exact same chair from WalMart again for $140.00. I built the Wheel base and bottom mount that attaches to the seat cushion, and Attached it to my old chair. I continued building the new chair on the old Wheel base and stand and returned the chair about a week later and told them it was broke.. Was that wrong? Maybe.. but Walmart will just send the broken crap back to Broyhill, Who should have stood behind their product in the first place.


I know I’ve posted these stories on a weekly basis so far, But honestly I have posted some of my best content in the first three weeks.. These stories make the others that I have seem petty and basic. So I might slow down here on the posting for a while, but Ill definitely be posting more as they happen.

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