I haven’t posted here recently.. I’ve just been dealing with a lot of crap.

i’ll mention a few of my issues in this post and hopefully I can do some updates later on.

A couple months ago I ordered the Delphi connect through Verizon wireless, I did a review of it and tried it out and enjoyed it. I decided to send it back to Verizon because the billing was a little higher than they claimed it was Going to be.. i was originally quoted five dollars per month but when the bill came it was actually 10. Verizon excepted the return issued a refund almost instantly, they never disconnected the wine that was active on the device. After about a month of me calling them they finally disconnected lime and now I have been built a $175 early termination fee. Obviously this was a mistake on Verizon’s part.. Are you sure me they would fix it but I still have an extremely high bill and now a past due balance..

While on the topic of Verizon will talk about some other issues I’m having with them: I recently redeem some of my reward points for a $100 gift card to the Verizon store to purchase a new iPad, I wasn’t aware that I needed to activate the iPad in order to buy it first.. So now I can’t use the hundred dollar gift card, because I have no lines available on my account to activate it.

And finally the iPhone six is coming out next week, with preorder starting tomorrow and meet all eligible for an upgrade for more than another year..  I was going to try to go onto the new edge program but you’re to trade in your old iPhone and you get absolutely no credit for it to do that.. I’m not all keen on paying full retail price for an iPhone 6+…

Verizon is just one small piece to the puzzle of all of the issues I’ve been having lately, I trouble is among one of them..   As some of you may know I usually go in for a outpatient procedure about once per month for my eyes, things are going well and they move me to two months, but suddenly overnight things got entirely worse. It just so happen to happen well my doctor was on vacation, so it took an extra week for me to get the treatment that I needed for my high and a week later it still hasn’t healed.

The hosting company that I created free packet.co has started to slow down as well with many customers canceling.. Most of them are canceling due to not being able to pay for it anymore but that’s only hurting me because less customers means less money.

and I won’t even get started on the issues it into a role-play.

On iTunes I made an in app purchase and press the wrong button charging myself $20 instead of two, and of course iTunes is not going to refund the difference. Honestly $20 does not break me and throw me into bankruptcy but I just hate wasting money..


i’ll try to work on some more reviews coming soon ones that I’ve already posted to YouTube unfortunately but I’ll write up a text article about it as well. Just keep in mind that this article was wrote with the use of Siri and may have some spelling or grammar mistakes. Using Siri has become extremely easier to do things than trying to type and read what I have typed considering my eye condition.

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