A while back, I wrote a nice big review of Staminus Communications (staminus.net) a Dedicated Srever host.. The company found my review, and some Tweets I had made about it, and wanted to reach out to me to right the wrongs. The have offered me a Month Free on them to come back and give their service a Test drive again.

So far, I have to say I am impressed! They hooked me up with a $400.00/month server for free, and that includes 5Gbps Protection. After running some “tests” on it, It seems to hold back 2Gbps easy (all i have to give)
I have encouraged a few of my friends to give it a go, and see if they could offer any more to it, but so far it has not went offline with everything being thrown at it.

The one complaint I do have about it so far though, Is if for whatever reason a DDoS comes in on a non Protected IP, Or if the traffic reaches more than 5Gbps then the servers IP is Null Routed, Even if its not at Peak traffic, Or only a few hundred Mbps (Even though it has a Gigabit port)

I will be using the server heavily this month, to give it some extensive tests (within their TOS of course) and will try to report back the best i can of my findings 🙂


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