After being with Host Gator for nearly 2 years now, i have made the move to bigger and better. (or at least cheaper)

I had gotten a email from Host Gator About a year ago, Letting me know that I was paying too much for my hosting, and that they could offer me a 20% discount. This sounded great, but when i contacted back, they informed me that the discount was only good if I agreed to pay a couple of years in advanced.

Finally last week, I got enough money to prepay a Year, So i contacted them trying to set that up.. However that was not the case. They informed me that the deal was not good for any amount of time now, and that I would have to continue to pay full price, I felt like this was wrong, so i contacted right back for another person, who told me that she COULD offer 20% off, but I would need to purchase at least Two years up front.

HostGator has great up time, And overall quality. We didn’t have many complaints about their service, nor the quality of their support.. The issue lied in their not appreciating continued customers. When i told them that I had no intention of paying for 2 years and only getting 20% off (new customers can get 30%) They made it very clear that if I even attempted to “Coupon fraud” that they would delete me from their hosting, with no refund.

On NameCheap’s National move your domain day, They offered 75% off to new customers.. I took that opportunity to buy Three years of hosting, For the price of One at HostGator. It wasn’t until after I said I was leaving that HostGator decided to try and contact me, and offer me a better discount.. Unfortunately It was too late.

Overall Out of 5 I give HostGator a 3.

The hosting is good, Up time and Support are good. But Billing support is horrible. Still today they have yet to cancel my account, and I am just waiting for the day I am going to have to file a Dispute against my Credit Card because they waited too long to cancel it. (Cancellations say it could take 48 hours to cancel your account, It has been a week)

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