As you may have read in some of my recent posts, with woes of different companies.. My final landing spot (for now) is Volume Drive.. Again.

I previously had Volume Drive when they were in the Burst Net Data Center, And they constantly had Lag issues, and random connection drops. This was so annoying, especially considering I run Game Servers, and the smallest hiccup in the line would be VERY noticeable.

I figured I could give them the benefit of the doubt considering they are no longer with BurstNet, and give them a try now that they own their very own Data center. So far, It has been less than desirable..

Josh (the owner of the company) offered me a very nice price, for the same specs server that I had with him Previously.. I was already on a pretty good deal back in the day, But he Offered it to me another $20 off the OLD price. This deal if almost too good to pass up, Even IF they had a bad network. Im sure I could find SOMETHING to put on it, For the price im getting it at now..

I was promised setup in one day, But it didn’t happen for 2 days after that.. Still a better response time than Burst Net tho. When the server was brought online, It was on a 100Mbps port. However, I must say I was impressed with the fact that it could get 97Mbps Up and down, with no jitter issues at all.

However, The next day in, i noticed that my Download was still very good, But my Upload was down to only 3Mbps.. I decided not to complain, because this wasn’t even the line I was promised to be on, and it would be best to wait and see how the new line goes. In the deal, we agreed on a 1Gbps DEDICATED Line.

The next day, I finally got moved to the 1Gbps Line. Immediately Speed Tests showed about 500Mbps Download, but still only about 9Mbps Upload. So i contacted their support. They said to give them 24 hours, and they would fix it. As promised, 24 hours later, The server was operating on speed tests of 700Mbps Download, and 500Mbps Upload. Solid!

About 2 days later, I noticed issues starting to submerge again. Random connection Timeouts, and lag moments. Moments when the connection seemed to be getting only 20Mbps Upload (And sometimes My gameservers can burst to 50Mbps, thus why it was lagging) This problem lasted for 2 days, which brings us to today.. In an email from Josh, he promises to have my rack rewired or something, And that it should be all better by tomorrow.

I look forward to see if this actually does get resolved. This is the first Time that i have ever worked directly with josh, without having to deal with one of his Support Reps such as Simon (A complete dick most of the time). This is also my first time actually getting somewhere when mailing in for support.. Previously I was always told it was MY fault. I will definitely update this post as information emerges. But I want so badly for this to work out, It would save me a LOT of extra money that i would otherwise be putting in to another company for no real reason.

Will update this post in a few days, With more details.

The issues seem to be resolved now, Within the time frame given. Everything is running smooth once again! This may turn out to be a good host after all!

Update 2/10/14:

Been with VD for a while now, And still no issues! Am in the process of upgrading to 10Gbps now that they offer it, Will definitely have a new review about that!

Update 3/9/14

The upgrade to 10Gbps was a complete bust! Issue after issue prevented that from happening, and after waiting a month I finally said never mind, Im tired of waiting. Currently working out account credits to pay toward my upcoming bills.

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