With the recent downfall of Volume Drive, Burst Net decided to offer a Sale to former VD Customers to try and secure some of their lost revenue. They were offering VD customers to send in their Volume Drive Invoices, and that they would match the price on the server you had Previously. 

I sent in my Invoice form my old VD Server, Where I had the E3-1230, 16GB Ram, and 1Gbps connection for only $64.95. Shawn (The owner of Burst) Commented on my ticket first, Saying that he would be able to match the price, but only with 20TB of Traffic (not Unlimited as VD had done). I agreed to the price, and scheduled a setup. I was always awaiting a Invoice for the server. After several replies to the ticket, and several responses of “Please wait” I finally get a response back exactly 2 weeks (14 days) after I had originally placed the order. It was from a guy who works for Burst, (cant remember his name) Who told me that he could not in fact match the price, and that he would have to bill me $350.00 in order to get me the server and specs that I wanted..

I immediately thought that this was some misunderstanding, And that Shawn would come in and clear things up in a day or so, and we could get this ball rolling. Instead, Shawn came and claimed he had NO IDEA that I wanted it on a 1Gbps line, and that he wouldn’t have approved it had he known.. That would almost be believable, However in his VERY FIRST response to me, he said “We cannot do Unlimited Bandwidth on a Gigabit port, But we can do 1Gbps with a 20TB Limit”. Now Shaw, If you clearly typed that, How do you suddenly forget, and forget going back and reading what you wrote yourself 2 weeks ago, Nah that’s incorrect. 


All in all, Burst Net has very Horrible Prices (Unless you just take one of their sales.. The customer service is very poor, And apparently the owner of the company makes it a habit to lie. It should have threw a few red flags when he was on Web Hosting Talk Forums bashing Josh at every opportunity (Josh is the owner of Volume Drive).

I suggest staying away from Burst Net. Their prices are not even competitive, and they aren’t worth your time. 

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