After my recent troubles with VolumeDrive, I decided to go somewhere I knew no one had any issues. That was OVH. I usually like to prepay my server bills up a few months, So when i was sure I was staying at OVH, I prepaid up 3 months, and went on happily. I had very minor issues throughout those three months, Occasional drops, but OVH was quick to repair any issues. 

When i was down to 1 Month remaining, I went ahead and paid another two months on to the contract. But in the middle of that prepay period I was offered a pretty unbeatable price by BurstNet (Read next post about that particular story) So i notified OVH that i had planned to leave at the end of that current month, and would like to get the EXTRA month I had prepaid refunded to my Credit Card. 

I was sent around 2 weeks of ringers with both OVH and BurstNet, And didnt really push the point too hard, Considering the server I had planned to move to was not being setup anytime soon. 

As the end of the month neared, I started to put the pressure on Burst as I was looking forward to get my money back from OVH for the unused month, But with their slowness that month was about to begin getting used.  Burst Backed out at the last Minute, So i had to quickly search for a replacement. Volume Drive has had a very rocky history with me, So I was very hesitant to give them half a chance again, but considering their move to a new datacenter, I figured things MUST be somewhat better. Volume Drive was able to offer me a good deal, and get me online in a few days. 

Just so happen, as the server with Volume Drive was setup, OVH decided to cancel my Cancellation, and Deny me a refund of my unused month. This makes no sense to me, as most of the people with similar cases were able to obtain a refund without any issues.. Obviously I was pretty upset at the fact that I had basically lost $200 that OVH was now refusing to refund me for. I filed a chargeback through PayPal. 

Once my last month billing period started with OVH, I came to the realization that The server was NOT being canceled, and I was NOT getting a refund.. So i didn’t make any hurry about moving to Volume Drive. This worked in my favor, because Volume Drive “Forgot” to put my server on a 1Gbps port, and once they finally did, It couldn’t get but about 10Mbps Upload (Already seeing issues there, But again, Another post for another day) 

After I had used my first week and a Half of my final month at OVH, PayPal notified me that due to OVH’s Lack of response, I had won the charge back case. I Immediately got scared that my server would be taken offline at any time, so i moved everything over to the new Volume Drive server. We are currently on the 3rd week of my final month with OVH, the server is still online, and one ting that is apparent to me, Is that OVH pays NO attention to their PayPal account…

Overall, OVH is a nice company, And for the most part (on their 100Mbps packages at least) are very competitive on pricing. Their Up time is decent, But their customer service completely sucks. If you ever have a problem, They will NOT help you, and if it involves them loosing their already secured money, Your chances are unlikely.

At the end of the day.. I wasn’t asking for too much.. I was asking them to refund me for time i had not used, and had no intention to use. I was having the server canceled. Due to their greed, I got my Money AND the server, and they made what would have been a more than happy, and likely returning customer, in to someone who will not consider them again due to their poor support.. 


The Data center i was in is their Canada Data center. 

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