About 3 months ago, My uncle’s Norton subscription expired, and ever since then, He has not been able to get on line, and stay on line for more than 10 minuets at a time, without some random disconnection. Today my Norton decided that i had expired. And it imminently wouldn’t let me do anything. My computer Blue Screened today for the FIRST Time in over 6 months (Windows XP on 1GB Ram) And this blue screen was no less than 20 min after a restart, The restart was because of the computer acting slow. After the restart my computer was Online, But all internet traffic was blocked. I suspected Norton to be the cause of this… So i go to Add Remove programs and try to uninstall it. It state that it cannot uninstall because it is running. There is NO option to close it! So i restart in Safe Mode. And try to uninstall it, and i get a error that it cannot launch the Uninstall because it is NOT running! So i search my hard drive for Norton, and Delete every file associated with it, One witch was protected, I renamed to ‘dasfjksd’ so Norton could not find it. I did the same for every file under Symantec. Now that i have done that, Emptied the Recycle bin, And restarted, It runs like it was new! Moral of the story: DO NOT USE NORTON!!

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