As you may know, HP just did their Magic Giveaway. I was not included in that giveaway, But i have offically appilyed to be in the next series of giveaways. But that is the side note. As you will see, On EVERY Page, At the left, just below the Meta and above the Google Ad’s, We have a donation center. The goal is $1,500.00. Now i am not asking that you give much, But if EVERYONE gave 1 Dollar, Then that would sure help out. This fund is for a new Apple iMac, And once this goal is reached, we ill do a Computer Giveaway on the blog! So donate as much as you can. take up a fund, Everyone who donates will automatically recieve 1 entry per dollar they donate, Then at time of giveaway ONE person will be Randomly Selected.

(If we make it to $1,000.00 and do not make any effort to the other $500.00 we will have a smaller Giveaway with a Equil or Lesser Value computer.

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