About a week ago, i posted a Blog, Titled something like My New Idea, Agree or Disagree? and i also shared it with the Yahoo Community as well as my blog. On Yahoo, You can expect anywhere from at least 1 to 50 comments on topics i post… This particular one, Received NO comments, and after 3 days of being up, Was removed for either “Spam” or a “Personal Attack” against? “Sex Offenders”?… Yeah… I was raised to think,if you are found to have done something that horrible you should be fried in the chair! Because we all know, A Sex Offender is essentially someone who tried to Have Sex with a minor. Im sorry but in my book, you are lower than dirt to me if you even thought of doing such. And my “Idea” was to block these people from MOST places online. Personally i have a 10 year old sister who loves to get online, and one of the BIG places she goes is YouTube… My 5 Year old sister is on MY YouTube. She has over 1,700 Views. And that worry’s me! Thats what brought on this entire “Idea” Anyways. I can see a small group of maybe Gay people, and Sex Offenders who wouldn’t agree with my idea, But Come ON! If your a parent, or anyone who cares about kids at all, Why WOULDN’T you agree with my idea?

I look forward to reply’s. Be sure to check out the other Cross Reference post located at

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