I have found a new place, that aparently looks to me like a pyramid scheme. Your basically refering people, and getting traffic to websites to make money. Sounds easy enough tho! The best part is you dont have to Buy anything! thats what i liked about it, i paid nothing to sign up… Granted there are 13 steps to setting it up, But you can skip any step you dont want to do. The reason i say i am testing it is because, I do not yet know if it works, or if I will get paid. i wanted a few “Beta Testers” Basically anyone who reads my blog who would like to get in on this, please go register. You have to give NO personal info, so i dont see why you wouldnt… Take this link and register, Try it, and FEEL FREE to come back here and comment on anything you know, or have learned, We will start our own group of beta Testers on this program, And who know, we may make a little money in the process! Have fun

Cross Reference the link is http://thespiderwebsystem.com/mattballew

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