Recently, I have had a bit of trouble, By quite a few people, First i will start with Barb Carson! Barb Having no matter with me, has been defending her friend Totem Flow. About a month ago Totem Flow sold me a terrain file on SLEXChange, and I used the file for about a week on an Open space of mine, After i changed it up a bit, I decided to list it on Slexchnage, It wasn’t the smartest idea i had… Totem Flow Contacted me yesterday, and Claimed Copyright Infringement, However that is not the case… Nevertheless i have removed the item from Slexchange as requested, And have spoke with someone over at SLEXChange about it… That didn’t Satisfy Barb Carson, She finds it necessary to Defame my name in a large chat called the Concierge Information Group. I asked her to stop, Reported her, And will take further action if needed… I figured with my 5000 blog readers, It would be a common courtesy to tell my readers to avoid her, and her islands at all costs… If you don’t want to get ripped..

The Next person, On my back would be: Samira McBride, Her situation started BEFORE the above incident, Wich already had me in a bad mood… Samira rented some land on my Previous island, And so did her friend, I had to make a emergency decision to sell it, To make tier, I gave it to Meatwad Extraordinaire to run and make tier, Due to me not having enough for tier, I didn’t have enough to refund everyone, I did however get Samira refunded well over L$9,000. I told her friend Dieter that i would get him refunded as soon as i get more funds, which was Yesterday. 2 days before yesterday, She started contacting me, Threatening Black male on me if i did not refund him by THAT NIGHT, I explained to her that i would have more funds within the next week, and he would be one of the first ones i refunded. She seemed to be ok at that point, But by the next day she had started yet again, Explaining that she had went threw with her black male plans, And that my name would be dirt soon. I explained to her that had she done so, I would have her prosecuted, Because it IS illegal here in the USA. Yesterday when i got the funds, Just before, She started YET AGAIN! I told her for the hassle she put me threw, I would not be refunding Dieter, If i could, I would cancel her transaction, and give it to Dieter, He disurves it WAY more than her…
It wasn’t 15 Min after this, That i got the IM Listed on the TOP of this post, So i had a fun day yesterday, So to all the ass holes in second life, I want to say Screw you, and fuck off… Thanks… I didn’t want to say that in world, but if i blog about it, Its not too bad… because i just said “to All the Ass Holes” so no names were mentioned ;D

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  1. Im not sure what your beef is with Barb. She invested time and money into creating that terrain file. You made a conscience decision to use her work, for your profit.

    Yet you dont understand why she is mad? I prob would have told my friends to watch out for you also.

    Personally, you started the bad blood by attempting to steal her work. Now you write all this about her?

    Totally unfair.

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