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So we shall start at the top, and work our way down… First off, Like i mentioned in a eariler blog that i was supposed to watch Emily tomorrow, She has decided she wanted to go back and visit her old Daycare so I get to sleep in :p. Soon, within a week my uncle is supposed to pay me around 220.00. And i will be putting pack prob all of it, if not Most of it for the Tenn. Trip here in a few weeks. If i sell the Pressure Washer that looks like it will never sell… I will use that to buy a new camera to take with me on this and future trips. We are also talking about Caro winds Tickets, So i would love to take pics there.. So im thinking 260 for the pressure waster, and 60 for my Caro winds Ticket. (were Getting Season passes) Lastly My step mom has been mentioning Camping, and has a few times mentioned the beach. So all great photo op times. lol.

ya know, Its funny how one day i can go form writing a bad post about her, to a Future plans one… lol. But i do blame our lack of Communication, And prob at fault of both of us… I mean i Assumed she Knew that i couldn’t hook my 360 to her sons Tv, it wasnt computable, and she didn’t even know…

But you have to admit! The Term “When Mothers away, The Boys will play” Was GENIOUS! I couldn’t have thought of a better Saying to come up with… It worked, and it kinda fit… So awesomeness for myself on making that word up… lol

Living Situation:

As for the Living situation… Its still undecided, Its possible we will be moving to the apartment, but my mom wants to see it first, and her sister has offered her to move in with her, And thats excluding me… So i would be moving in wither with my Grandma or my Dad… For a while anyways… So stay tuned for that…

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