When i joined the Xbox Community, My Friends abandoned me… I had 2 friends that already had Xbox’s. GTA IV, and Live Gold. And they basically stopped playing once i got mine… And one of those friends had his only a few days. As odd as that seemed, I kind of blew it off… My Good friend Rick form New York, Just bought his 2 days ago, And hooked it up Yesterday. He is hooked, U can tell… So im glad i finally have SOMEONE to play online with. I also asked a friend from YouTube for his Gamer Tag, Because he too has GTA IV, After me and Rick got in a game last night, one of my abandoned me friends came in and played too :p Oh well.. So, Come play 😀

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  1. It was not really abandonment. I just got tired of GTA IV after a few days, and quit playing for a while, until today, but I was only online for a short bit. This is due to exams and being bored of the game. It has nothing to do with you, so do not take it personally.

    On another note, it is not taken very kindly when I talk to you for you to just be boasting how your gamerscore is higher than mine and how you have completed more than me. If I truly were competing with you, I would not basically quit playing the game. Please keep that in mind.

  2. Well in all truth ness Emp… I never said it was u, but ok… And i dont see how u could get mad because my gamer score is higher… I only said it once, and i said it to rick too. Only now rick is beating me… Anyways, Im not worried about it.

  3. Well I never abandonded you, I have went into some games with you but yet I have other friends on Xbox live that i keep getting messages from and also I have been busy latley so I probable will be more on in the summer

  4. No you did not mention our names directly, but it seems highly unlikely that it would be anyone else seeing as I had just got my Xbox a few days before as you mentioned in the post and Trifile and I has played together before you got yours and stopped almost about the time you got yours. I do not buy your story of not mentioning our names of it being a possibility it is not us, because all of the details match us. This is not a coincidence.

  5. Im not saying you wasnt the one, But again, i didn’t say u WAS… You and i and trifile knew, but the other 4,000 Blog readers didnt, And the fact that you came and commented gave your names away… and i dont think its just a coincidence that you all of the sudden got tired of it the exact day i got mine, as much as you were talking about it. But thats fine… The origonal reason for this post was to welcome Rick over… not down you in any way. So if you want to be mad about someone downing you, be mad at your self…

    And maybe i came off wrong reading this, and maybe i seem in a bad mood, but u caught me at the wrong time…

  6. Well, had your only purpose been welcoming Rick over, then you would not have mentioned us in your original post, so obviously, there were some secondary points you wanted to make clear in your post. And you are right, it was not a coincidence that I stopped playing near the time you got your Xbox 360. I had and still do have exams to study for and end of the year school work to complete. Keep in mind, it is not just the Xbox 360 I have not been on much lately, but Second Life as well.

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